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I'd miss you if you go.

12/21/20 04:22 pm - Where did you go to my lovely? [[Friends Open//Not Friends Locked]]

friends-only.jpg picture by Luna_Glossamer

11/12/08 08:20 am - I really hate the kids I work with, sometimes

I think I'm a bit pompous. If anything about other people bothers me, it's their crudeness. I loathe the modernization of people these days talking about inappropriate things in public, in loud tones, and seeing it as a positive trait. I hate how arrogance, ignorance, selfishness, laziness, or crudeness are seen as good traits these days. I hate how kids think it's cool to be perverse to the point of sexual assault upon others, or think stereotypes and racism and homosexuality and religion is all just one big joke. I hate how no one does their work; and if they do it's not honest. I hate how if you're not using slang no one will any longer understand you. I hate how kids get bad grades because they don't apply themselves, and learn other languages only so teachers can't hear them when they curse them out, and how manner-less they are, and how they have the apparent inability to close their mouths for more than .5 seconds.

I hate how they say you must be from Europe if you're remotely polite, or how many racial slurs they use against everybody, or even themselves. I hate how baggy their clothes are, and how tight they are in all the wrong places, and how low they hang them everywhere. I hate how they think public indecency is funny, and that you're just a fuddy-duddy if you don't. I hate how kids expect you to give them the answers on tests and work and treat you horribly if you don't-- beat you up if you're a male, spread rumors and isolate you if you're a female. I hate how no one does a single nice thing without asking to be paid for it. I hate their ambitionless lives, their neglective parents, their careless views, their crudity. I hate their entitlement and their thoughtlessness. I hate the commercialization of religion and education and anything that originally existed for the /option/ of having it if you /wanted/ it, truly and honestly-- just because kids immediately assume that it's their right to have things without owning up to them, without appreciating them, without respecting other people's rights to have or not to have them or to try or not to try to have them.

I hate how they have respect for nothing; appreciating little. No, it is not your unquestioned right to have a cellphone, a computer, a lover, a good grade, a college acceptance. It is not your unquestioned right to have things done for you, to have favors performed, to have friends or family that are generally concerned with your well-being no matter what you do or how you are. And even if you do have these things; it is not your unquestioned right to just assume that they'll be there for you always, or that you don't have to work hard to be a good person, or that you don't have to work hard to earn what you own or what you want to own. Or that; once you have worked hard, and once you have gotten what you want-- there is no absence of continuity, there is no retiring point where you can just throw up your hands and /stop trying/.

And if you do all of these things above that I've listed as unattractive, and if you have never worked hard for a spot of it in your entire life and, most of all, don't /plan/ to, then tell me this: where is your satisfaction, in having everything that you have never earned.

12/21/07 04:14 pm - You're my distance, destination of choice (I'd give anything, just to hear your voice)

Happy holidays. <3

If anyone would like fic, I am a bit of a writer. =ooo!~

So, yeah. <3

Request if wanted. <3

11/12/07 11:58 pm - O' love is teasing and love is pleasing (and fades away like the morning dew)

It's not that I don't want to be what I am, it's just that, I think I want to find someone who sees things like I do. Who could see me like that, too.

I don't know, I'm just tired of being alone. I'm probably going to jump from date to date when I'm older because I'm sick of not having somebody there, and yet, and yet, I'm convinced I already know someone who could see me as beautiful, exotic, more than ordinary.

Because she jumps from person to person, too, as they're lonely. This is how I see them.

I want someone to love me for all that it's worth and it hurts that it won't be them.

10/22/07 02:07 am - I find my solace in mice

As for first posts, all I have to say is that having peanut butter on your spoon first before you put it on your nose makes it stick better. So now I have one peanut-butter covered nose and one nose-covered spoon.

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